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"Transition to Electronic Submission of Hydrologic Monitoring Report"

Speaker: Christopher Yeakle – DEP, Knox District Mining Office & assisted by Samuel Faith District Mining Operations has decided to use the e-Permitting platform for the submittal of Hydrologic Monitoring Reports electronically. Mine Operators can register in ePermitting and delegate who is authorized to submit reports for them, for example the lab or consultant. When the report is submitted the Department’s database will automatically be updated with the date the report was submitted. Hydrologic monitoring reports will be submitted in a spreadsheet with each monitoring point data included in a separate tab. Instructions on how to register in ePermitting will be available soon on the Bureau of Mining Programs website. Internal testing of the application began December 6. External testing by a few operators and consultants will begin January 1, 2022 for the submittal of the 4th Quarter 2021 HMRs. All operators should be able to begin submitting their HMR and Subchapter F & G data in April 2022 for the 1st quarter 2022.


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