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Who Are We?

​Founded in 1980, the Pennsylvania Mining Professionals organization is a statewide group of professional persons who work with the many facets of the mining industry in Pennsylvania. Those represented currently include mining companies, consultants, and educators.

Our Mission

PMP is a volunteer organization dedicated to applying science and technology to the common goals of resource recovery and environmental protection. Our aims are to:

  1) Work with all levels of government to develop regulations by providing responsible, objective commentary and recommendations;

  2) Promote exchange of technical information;

  3) Promote continuation of Pennsylvania's robust and historic mining industry in an environmentally conscientious manner.

Our Professional Members Include:

  • Environmental Engineers

  • Geologists

  • Geotechnical Engineers

  • Mining Engineers

  • Biologists

  • Chemists

  • Civil Engineers

  • Ecologists

  • Land Surveyors

  • Permit Specialists

  • Soil Scientists

  • Threatened & Endangered Species Experts

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